Zoning & Ordinances

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The following are available to download in PDF format...

  • Dog Control Ordinance (2013) - [view] 123.93 KB

  • Outdoor and Open Barrel Burning Ordinance (2009) - [view] 57.62 KB

  • Dangerous Building Ordinance - [view] 21.42 KB
    This is for public viewing before being effective. This Ordinance was approved at October 20th, 2015 Meeting. The publication of this ordinance will be in Sunday paper (October 25th, 2015). The Dangerous Building Ordinance will be effective 15 days after that date.
  • Noise and Public Nuisance - [view] 337.01 KB
    Noise and Public Nuisance Ordinance 006718
  • Powell Township Water Department Emergency/Contingency Plan 2013 - [view] 13.57 KB
    This is the Revised Water Department Emergency/Contingency Plan (January 17, 2013). Included are contact numbers and directions in case of emergencies.
  • Cross Connection Control Program - [view] 60.55 KB
    Approved January 29, 2013 to adopt the Cross Connection Control Program edits that were made in 2010. Included here is the approval and the program itself.
  • Amend Water Rate Ordinance (March 2016) - [view] 971.22 KB
    Resolution Amending the Water Rate Ordinance
  • Collection of Delinquent Water-Sewer Bills (September 2014) - [view] 50.48 KB
    Policy to collect past due/ Delinquent Water Sewer Bills
  • Michigan's Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act (2001) - [view] 129.19 KB
    This is Michigan's Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act PDF version from their archives.
  • Adopting National Incident Management System (April 2016) - [view] 555.11 KB
    "Directed (by) the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to develop and administer a National Incident Managerment System, which would porvide a consistent nationwide approach for Federal, State, and local governments to work together more effectively and efficiently to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from domestic incidents, regardless of cause, size or complexity."
  • Ordinance for Fire Department charges for emergency incidents and excessive alarms - [view] 15.6 KB
    effective October 8th, 2013 "An ordinance to establish charges for the Township of Powell Volunteer Fire Department Services when the department responds to Emergency incidents and, or excessive false fire alarms, and to provide methods for the collection of such charges."
  • Zoning Map - [view] 2.07 MB
    Powell Township Zoning Map
  • New Water Connections Ordinance - [view] 87.89 KB

  • Fire Department Emergency Service Charges Ordinance (July 2013) - [view] 172.58 KB
    Fire Department Emergency Service Charges signed July 2013
  • Addressing Floodplain Management Ordinance (January 2016) - [view] 408.59 KB
    "An ordinance to affirm an enforcing agency to discharge the responsibility of the Township of Powell and to designate regulated flood hazard areas under the provisions of the State Construction Code Act, No. 230 of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended."
  • Barking Dogs Ordinance (January 2013) - [view] 81.68 KB
    "An Ordinance to secure the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the residents and property owners of the Township of Powell, by regulation of barking dogs within the township causing disturbance or annoyance to residents, and to provide penalties for violation of this ordinance."
  • Poverty Exemption (January 2017) - [view] 75.63 KB
    "adoption of guidelines for poverty exemptions... whereas the principal residence of persons, who the Assessor and Board of Review determines by reason of poverty to be unable to contribute to the public charge, is eligible for exemption in whole or in part from taxation under Public Act 390 of 1994"
  • Parking on Sidewalks Prohibited Ordinance - [view] 228.06 KB
    Approved on October 17th, 2017 Parking on Sidewalks is Prohibited Ordinance

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