Powell Township Cemetery  was established in 1919. Efforts are being made to update our burial information for the public. Access to the information can currently be requested from the Sextant or Clerk. 

In 2019, the Cemetery Ordinance was updated to rectify Winter Burial and Open Hours. Please see the Cemetery Ordinance Amendment for burial rules/policies and hours. 


Cemetery Charges

  Resident Non Resident    
Lots $400 $1,500    
Winter Burial $500 $700    
Summer Burial $500 $700    
Holidays/Weekends $600 $800    
Ashes $100 $200    

Veteran’s Memorial

Every year, Powell Township with the Cemetery Sextant will place flowers and flags for the Veteran’s in our cemetery. Also on Memorial Day, our local veteran chapter have the Honor Roll read off. Powell Township strives to give our Veterans alive and deceased the respect they deserve.

Donations from the public and a great benefactor worked on purchasing the Veteran’s Memorial Headstone in 2018. 

Plot Information

Thanks to the Cemetery Sextant, Peter TenEyck, and a Local Resident, John Apo, the following excel document lists Plot Information for our Big Bay Cemetery. There is some missing information from newer years. If any questions on the information please contact the Cemetery Sextant. Pictures of headstones are available at the township but are referenced in the document.

Plot Information 2019 Excel Document

Powell Township Plot Map prepared by Sandberg, Carlson and Associates Inc. 2018 (no names)


Powell Township Cemetery Sextant

Peter TenEyck

906-345-9345 X10


Available Monday through Friday 7am-12pm and then from 1pm-4pm