Water Department

Powell Township is proud of its water. Even before scares downstate, the water has been tested regularly and found to be in the top percentile of the state. We have even received a few awards in past years for how clean and fresh the water is in Powell Township. The water department has a large job of monitoring the wellheads, pump house, fire hydrants, and water tower. The water system was originally installed some 30 years ago and it was ten years ago that work was started to get the system updated. It was only in 2017, after a large portion of funding coming from a USDA Rural Development grant, did the water system get the much needed update. It did see changes to water fees for the Powell Township water customers and it being changed that all households are set to meter usage, but it will be better support for the water customers and for the local fire department to be better equipped to put out fires with fire hydrants having more access.

Sewer Department

The Sewer system is an essential part of the structure work of a community, though it’s the least talked or thought about. The sewer system of Powell Township was installed in 2009. It’s supported by flat fees from the residential customers and a metered fee from the commercial customers. The custodian and cemetery sextant has been overseeing the system and making any recommendations.  The sewer system update is going to be in the thought process of being updated by the Powell Township Board.