• Township Office Hours: Monday & Thursday 9am to Noon
  • Township Treasurer Hours: Monday & Thursday 9:30am  to 12:30pm or by appointment:
  • Township Assessor: Thursday 9am – Noon or by Appointment 
  • Zoning Administrator: Winter Hours are by Appointment at ; Summer Hours are TBD
  • Township Board: 3rd Tuesday of each month – 7pm
  • Planning Commission: 3rd Wednesday of every other month – 7pm
  • Parks & Recreation Committee: 2nd Tuesday of each month – 6:30pm
  • Fire Department: Last Thursday of each month – 6pm
    @ Big Bay Fire/EMS Hall
  • Ambulance Department: 1st Sunday of each month – 6:00pm
    @ Big Bay Fire/EMS Hall

Attend the Powell Township Monthly Board Meetings Remotely from November through April.

Join the meeting using one of these easy options:

Voice:       Dial: 1-978-990-5101, Access Code: 558575

Online:   Voice and Video

    Having trouble connecting?

    Text ‘Call Me’ to (978) 990-5101 to receive a call back; then dial 558575 to join the meeting. Standard Messaging rates may apply.

For any special meetings, cancellations, or virtual instructions please check out the Special Notices Page 

All Meetings are posted on the Events Calendar 

Rules of Public Comment Participation

Meeting Minutes

The documents below can be viewed by opening them in Adobe Acrobat (free and installed on most computers). Clicking a link will download and open the file. Some browsers may view the file directly in the brower.

The following are available to download in PDF format…

Board Meetings Minutes

2024.2.20 Board Meeting Minutes – DRAFT: [view] Attachments: [view][view][view][view][view][view][view][view]

2024.2.12 Special Board Meeting Minutes: [view]

2024.2.09 Special Board Meeting Minutes: [view]

2024.1.16 Board Meeting Minutes: [view]  Attachments: [view][view][view][view][view]

2024.01.04 Special Board Meeting Minutes: [view]  Attachments: [view]

2023.12.19 Board Meeting Minutes: [view]  Attachments: [view][view][view][view][view][view]

2023.11.21 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments [view][view][view][view][view][view][view]

2023.10.29 Board Meeting Minutes – [view

2023.10.17 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments [view][view][view][view][view]

2023.09.19 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments [view view view view]

2023.09.06 Special Board Meeting/Workshop Minutes [view]

2023.08.15 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments [view ]

2023.07.17 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments [view view view view]

2023.06.20 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments [view view view view view view view view view]

2023.05.16 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments[view] Presentation [view]

2023.04.18 Board Meeting Minutes – [view]  Attachments [view]

2023.03.21 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments [ view view view view view]

2023.03.13 Special Board Meeting – Agenda  [view]  Minutes – [view] Attachments [view]

2023 – 2024 Budget Workshops.  Minutes – [view][view][view]

2023.02.21 Board Meeting Minutes – [view]

2023.01.17 Board Meeting Minutes – [view] Attachments [view]


To view meeting minutes not listed here, contact the township office


Fire Department Minutes

Fire Dpt. 2024.01.25 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.11.30 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.10.26 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.09.29 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.08.31 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.07.27 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.06.29 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.05.25 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.04.27 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.03.30 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.02.23 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.01.26 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2023.01.05 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.10.27 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.09.29 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.08.25 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.07.28 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.06.30 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.05.26 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.03.01 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.01.27 Minutes [view]

Fire Dpt. 2022.01.13 Special Budget Minutes[ view]


To view meeting minutes not listed here, contact the township office


Ambulance Department Minutes

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.12.07 Minutes [view]

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.11.07 Minutes [view

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.10.03 Minutes [view]

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.09.05 Cancelled

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.08.01 Minutes [view]

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.07.04 Cancelled

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.06.05 Minutes [view]

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.05.02 Minutes [view

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.04.11 Minutes [view]

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.03.07 Minutes [view]

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.02.04 Minutes [view]

Ambulance Dpt. 2021.01.04 Minutes Cancelled Meeting

To view meeting minutes not listed here, contact the township office

Election Commission Minutes

Prior Years are filed at the township and are available upon request

Election Commission Minutes 2023.04.17 [view]

Election Commission Minutes 2020.10.01 [view]

Planning Commission

PC 2024.01.17 Planning Commission – Minutes DRAFT [view]

PC 2023.11.15 Planning Commission – Minutes [view]

PC 2023.09.20 Planning Commission – Minutes [view] Correspondence [view]

PC 2023.08.16 Planning Commission – Minutes [view]

PC 2023.07.19 Planning Commission – Minutes [view]

PC 2023.05.17 Planning Commission – Minutes [view]

PC 2023.01.18 Planning Commission – Agenda [view] Minutes – [view] Attachments – [view]

PC 2022.09.21 Planning Commission – Attachments – [view]

PC 2022.07.20 Planning Commission – Minutes [view]

PC 2022.06.20 Planning Commission – Minutes [view] Attachments – [view]

PC 2022.05.18 Planning Commission – [view]; Attachments – [view]

PC 2022.04.20 Planning Commission [view]


To view meeting minutes not listed here, contact the township office

Parks and Recreation Minutes

P&R 2023.09.12 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2023.08.08 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2023.07.11 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2023.04.11 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2023.01.10 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2022.12.13 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2022.11.01 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2022.10.11 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2022.09.13 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2022.05.10 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2022.04.12 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2022.02.08 Parks & Rec Minutes [view]

P&R 2022.01.07 Park & Rec Minutes [view]


To view meeting minutes not listed here, contact the township office