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Marquette County

Marquette County Offices are open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted.

Visit their website for more resources that are available for Powell Township Residents. https://www.co.marquette.mi.us/index.php

Powell Township is still relatively “small” and more things are handled and controlled at the County Level

The Big Bay Stewardship Council (BBSC) was formed earlier this year by a group of passionate volunteers to facilitate the protection of the unique nature of Powell Township and promote economic development and community improvements. These efforts will be executed through responsible, properly scaled economic development and stewardship of the natural resources and cultural enrichment. Please support these efforts by completing the following questionnaire, which will take 7-10 minutes. You may remain anonymous, and your individual responses will not be shared externally. Data will only be shared in aggregate with other responses.

Your responses will be used to help the Big Bay Stewardship Council create a benchmark for its initiatives in Powell Township, and will be conducted on an annual basis to monitor changes over time.

Your participation is vital to ensure that Powell Township remains a thriving community with a strong sense of place, a supportive foundation for family, and stewardship of pristine landscape and wildlife habitat that is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. For more information about the BBSC, email Sven Gonstead (bigbaypathway@gmail.com), Darlene Turner (supervisor@powelltownship.org), Mark Bevins (mbevins66@comcast.net), or Katie Wilcox (bigbaywilcox@gmail.com).

NTN- Noquemanon Trail Network

Powell Township Parks and Recreation in a major part works with the NTN to establish trails in Powell Township. The following is from the Noquemanon Trail Network’s website: https://noquetrails.org/

Founded in 2001, Noquemanon Trail Network’s (NTN’s) mission is to secure, develop, maintain and promote the use of a non-motorized trail network throughout the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. NTN relies on the support of the community and generous land owners to keep trails open and available to the public. NTN works with over 45 landowners, both public and private, for daily trail access and over 90 landowners for events. NTN maintains an agreement with each landowner and carries liability insurance to protect each landowner above protections provided by Michigan Act 451. Through a variety of  agreements, easements, and ownership, NTN is working towards protecting and growing trail access for the future.

As of 2020 there are 7 trail systems maintained by NTN from Munising to Big Bay including:

  • over 75 miles of single track trail
  • 35 miles of groomed winter single track
  • over 125 km of nordic ski trails
  • 2 pump tracks
  • Forestville Trailhead with 25 site campground

Funds for our work come from membership, donations, sponsorships, grants, fundraising events, and occasional contracted trail builds. NTN does not receive any direct local government funding for development or maintenance but a number of municipalities provide land access.”

Emergency Relief: Home, Utilities & Burial

Immediate help may be available if you are facing conditions of extreme hardship or emergencies threatening your health and safety.  State Emergency Relief and the Weatherization Equipment Program combine financial assistance and contracts with a network of nonprofit organizations to help low-income households.

Emergency support is designed to maintain low-income households that are normally able to make ends meet but occasionally need help when unexpected emergency situations arise. Emergency support is not an appropriate solution to ongoing or chronic financial difficulties. For ongoing reductions to your energy expenses, be sure to check out the Weatherization Assistance Program.


 For more information visit Michigan Department of Health and Human Services at  MDHHS

A Spaceport in Powell Township

Michigan Aerospace Manufactures Association (MAMA) is a Michigan industry group whose purpose is to promote aerospace manufacturing in the state of Michigan. MAMA received $2 million from the state of Michigan to promote space launch development and formed the Michigan Launch Initiative (MLI). MAMA plans to develop two spaceports (one vertical launch, one horizontal launch) and a command center in Michigan to launch small class rockets to carry satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

  • Chippewa County near Sault Ste Marie is the proposed location for the command center.
  • The former Wurtzsmith Air Force Base near Oscoda is the proposed location for a horizontal launch spaceport.
  • A lakeshore portion of Granot Loma, privately owned land in Powell Township halfway between Big Bay and Marquette, is the proposed location for a vertical launch site. 


The Powell Township Board has chosen a group of residents to research and report on information about rockets, rocket launching, and the potential impact of the proposed spaceport to the residents of Powell Township. This group has collected information and will be using this website to share that information with the community.

The Spaceport Group has presented the following two summaries to the Powell Township Board.

August 9, 2021: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13bTpLG7d4Z4pRxA4l37Gr5MmvTTKPAlM

May 17, 2022: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AIcs304hB0y-zE5mEe6tMAn4Ca6u-_xV


These documents describe the 4 areas of focus for the Spaceport Group. They are:

  •  Launch Day Impact
  • Jobs/Economic Impact
  • Zoning/Local Government
  • Environment


There are a couple of items that give an overview of the original plans from MAMA and MLI. The first one was an interview done by TV6 and the second one was an article published in the New Yorker magazine.

  • Story about the Spaceport Proposal – A short broadcast story from October-November, 2020, about the spaceport proposal.

To find the full 24 minute extended interview, scroll down to the near-bottom, and click on the video.  This was not broadcast, but available on this website.



  • The New Yorker magazine – author David Rompf came up to Powell Township and interviewed several people.

He compiled a variety of sources of information independently for this article titled The Plan to Make Michigan the Next Space State.



Launch Day Impact

  • Code of Federal Regulations section about Aeronautics and Space



  • Marquette County: The Michigan Launch Initiative



  • MAMA home page



  • Michigan Launch Initiative Home Page



Jobs/Economic Impact

  •  IQM Report – Below link is to a report performed by a non-profit research group with an impressive space background called IQM.

The Executive Summary, starting on page 8, is worth reading. This report is one that MAMA did not release to the public last fall.



  • Spaceport Site Selection and Feasibility Study – Chapter 3 focuses on the Vertical Launch facility proposed for Granot Loma.



  • Michigan Spaceport Economics and Business Report



Zoning/Local Government

  • Kim Ferarro presentation – Kim Ferarro is an environmental attorney licensed in Indiana and Illinois working with an agency serving nonprofit entities.  

She has a thorough knowledge of NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act).  She has read the FAA’s regulations under NEPA, and the FAA EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) processes and requirements. She has also reviewed the Powell Township Zoning Ordinance and newly revised Master Plan.   She has lived in Marquette Township for several years. The link below contains some information that Kim put together and presented to this group




  • Dennis Ferraro’s presentation – Dennis Ferraro is the president of Citizens for Safe and Clean Lake Superior.

He gave a talk at NMU’s Sonderegger Symposium November 5, 2021. His speech starts at about the 1:28:30 mark in the video.




Next Spaceport Group Meeting: Sept. 15th, 2022 3:00pm at Township Hall

All are welcome to attend the Spaceport Research Group meeting. However, please understand that this is a meeting and we appreciate no one interrupting the meeting.

Powell Township School

Powell Township School is the heart of the Big Bay community.  It houses approximately 50 students in preschool through grade 8.  Students enjoy small class sizes, a family environment and academics that are enhanced by outdoor education adventures. Whether cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, or hiking the North Country Trail or the Big Bay Pathway, students actively learn in a variety of environments besides the classroom.  The natural environments of Lake Independence, Lake Superior, area rivers and the Huron Mountain wilderness area provide ample education opportunities for students.  Powell Township School is a valued and special asset to everyone in the community.

For more information, visit online Powell Township School

Senior Housing Net

“At SeniorHousingNet, we aim to help older adults find housing that will meet their current and future care needs, while allowing the most active and social lifestyles possible. We believe that by helping seniors find the best communities with the appropriate level of care (such as home care, assisted living, or other types of care), they can continue to thrive – both mentally and physically.”

Follow this link https://www.seniorhousingnet.com/seniors/senior-living-us/michigan to learn more information.

Powell Township Offices gain nothing for providing any of this information; nor are we a part of this organization and maintain their website.



“RetireGuide.com is a health and wealth website dedicated to providing accurate information and research on a variety of retirement topics. We do this through a stringent editorial process that involves fact-checking, attribution to reputable sources, insight from financial experts and original reporting from a team of experienced journalists.”

“Retire Guide recently published what they believe to be the most easy-to-understand guide on the ins and outs of medicare. This free resource highlights coverage, costs, eligibility and enrollment information, along with answers to some frequently asked questions. Please follow this link to check it out:  retireguide.com/medicare/.  Also being shared is a link to their senior benefits and discounts guide, please take a look: retireguide.com/guides/senior-benefits-discounts/

Powell Township Offices gain nothing for providing any of this information; nor are we a part of this organization and maintain their website.


Resume Builder is currently working to help active duty military and veterans craft the perfect cover letter and resume to help them successfully transition back into civilian careers. We’ve created a detailed guide that will walk through every step of creating an effective military to civilian cover letter and resume, from choosing the correct format to avoiding red flags that may cost getting that dream job. You can read more about resumebuilder.com work here:

“Here at ResumeBuilder.com, we believe that landing a job and building the perfect resume should be simple. With your help, we can create awareness about tools and resources that can help readers take control of their careers”

Powell Township Offices gain nothing for providing any of this information; nor are we a part of this organization and maintain their website.

Medicare Plan for Veterans

“Medicare is a federal program that provides health coverage for older adults and some younger adults with disabilities. If you have VA benefits due to your military service, you may be wondering if it’s worth signing up for Medicare when you already have access to care at VA facilities.” Follow this link for further information Medicare Plans Resource for Veterans | MedicarePlans.com

Powell Township Offices gain nothing for providing any of this information; nor are we a part of this organization and maintain their website.

Mesothelioma Veterans Center

The Mesothelioma Veterans Center provides information about treatment, clinical trials, and VA benefits to veterans suffering from asbestos-related illnesses. They’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of veterans pursue compensation after developing mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer from their asbestos exposure in the military. Visit their web page Mesothelioma Veterans Center for further information

Powell Township Offices gain nothing for providing any of this information; nor are we a part of this organization and maintain their website.