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Election Dates: Including Deadlines to File

2021 TBD

Absent Voter

Michigan has passed that all registered voters can be an absent voter (AV). Ballots are mailed to the address provided on an Absent Voter Application. Every Election needs an Absent Voter Application on file before the ballot can be sent. Most Absent Voters want to be on the Permanent Absent Voter list that the Powell Township Clerk’s Office maintains. For every upcoming election (unless there were dual AV applications available) the applications are mailed to the registered mailing address. These applications can be returned by email (once scanned with signature), mail, or dropped off at the office. If the voter decides that they would like to vote in person they do not have to return the application. It also serves as a reminder that we are indeed having an election in Powell Township.

Sometimes during elections, political parties will also mail AV applications to voters. There is nothing wrong with delivering these applications to the Powell Township Clerk’s Office but one does not have to return them, especially if you have already returned the application delivered by Township Clerk’s Office.

The Secretary of State website also has Absent voter  applications to print and return to the local Township Clerk. 

It’s important to know that signatures on the applications and then on the returned ballot are essential! These signatures are verified with registration and against application. 


Registration to vote is easy. Most Registration is done with the DMV when your address is changed on your drivers license or when renewal of your license is done. Voters can register with the DMV up to 14 days prior to the election. At that cutoff to be able to register to vote in your jurisdiction you must come to your local Clerk to register to vote, in person or by mail up to the day of election where you will be either sent an Voter ID card in the mailing address provided or in-person. On the day of Election, proof of residency is needed for registration and ballot to count. Without proof of residency, you will be registered to vote for the next election.

Powell Township is oddly shaped and there are cases of residents that are closer to Big Bay, that have mailing addresses to Big Bay, but are in other voting jurisdictions. County Road 550 is notorious for weaving into other jurisdictions. The street index between the jurisdictions should be complete, but there are cases where voters in the same house might be registered to vote in separate jurisdictions. The Township Clerk works with the other voting jurisdictions, the Powell Township Zoning Admin, and with the Secretary of State’s Voter Registration Team to correct any discrepancies.

Special Hours for the Powell Township Clerks Office are the Saturday prior to the election 9am – 5pm (these will be posted in the paper with all of Marquette County)

Results 11/4/2020

Marquette County Results Approved by Marquette County Election Commission {view}



Cards CastVoters Cast% Turnout
Marquette County Michigan    
Powell Township, Precinct 152538438473.14%
Powell Township, Precinct 223718618678.48%

Powell Township Results

PresidentialPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Joseph R Biden/ Kamala D. Harris18395 
Donald J. Trump/ Michael R. Pence19087 
Jo Jorgensen/ Jeremy Cohen52 
Don Blankenship/ William Mohr00 
Howie Hawkins/ Angela Walker12 
Rockey De La Fuente/ Darcy Richardson00 


Congressional: United States SenatorPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Gary Peters18998 
John James18987 
Valerie L. Willis00 
Marcia Squier20 
Doug Dern00 


Congressional: Representative in Congress 1st DistrictPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Dana Ferguson16795 
Jack Bergman20488 
Ben Boren93 


Legislative: Representative in State Legislature 110th DistrictPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Janet Metsa187100 
Gregory Markkanen18480 
Rick Sauermilch30 


State Boards: Member of the State Board of EducationPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Ellen Cogen Lipton15190 
Jason Strayhorn14582 
Tami Carlone15576 
Michelle A. Frederick15375 
Bill Hall103 
Richard A. Hewer81 
Karen Adams113 
Douglas Levesque70 
Mary Anne Hering66 
Hali McEachern54 
Tom Mair69 


State Boards: Regent of the University of MichiganPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Mark Bernstein14385 
Shauna Ryder Diggs14586 
Sarah Hubbard15875 
Carl Meyers14972 
James L. Hudler93 
Eric Larson124 
Ronald E. Graeser51 
Crystal Van Sickle102 
Michael Mawilai49 
Keith Butkovich62 



State Boards: Trustee of Michigan State UniversityPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Brian Mosallam13580 
Rema Ella Vassar14085 
Pat O’Keefe16277 
Tonya Schuitmaker15770 
Will Tyler White111 
Janet M. Sanger91 
John Paul Sanger31 
Brandon Hu51 
Robin Lea Laurain89 
Bridgette Abraham-Guzman610 


State Boards: Governor of Wayne State UniversityPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Eva Garza Dewaelsche14283 
Shirley Stancato14883 
Don Gates15081 
Terri Lynn Land15968 
Jon Elgas155 
Christine C. Schwartz82 
Susan Odgers88 


CountyPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Prosecuting Attorney: Matt Wiese235124 
Sheriff: Gregory S. Zyburt245110 
Sheriff: Joseph Kozub12771 
Clerk: Linda K. Talsma241125 
Treasurer: Nicholas LaPorte Benson230123 
Register of Deeds: Carla A. L’Huillier241124 
Mine Inspector: Steven Bertucci232123 
Drain Commissioner: Mike Farrell229124 
County Commissioner 1st District: John DePetro239124 


TownshipPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Supervisor: Darlene Turner251130381
Clerk: Samantha Morin249129378
Treasurer: Kelli Santilli242126368
Trustee: Denise Hudson19495289
Trustee: Joseph E. Stanley12877205
Trustee: Karen December17264236


Nonpartisan Section: Judicial – Justice of Supreme CourtPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Brock Swartzle70  
Elizabeth M. Welch89  
Susan L. Hubbard43  
Mary Kelly70  
Bridget Mary McCormack139  
Kerry Lee Morgan13  
Katherine Mary Nepton14  


Nonpartisan Section: Judicial – Judge of Court of Appeals 4th District Incumbent PositionPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Michael J Kelly17993 
Amy Ronayne Krause16279 


Nonpartisan Section: Judicial – Judge of Court of Appeals 4th District Non-Incumbent PositionPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Michelle Rick18899 


Nonpartisan Section: Judicial – Judge of Circuit Court 25th Circuit Incumbent PositionPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Jennifer A. Mazzuchi227113 


Nonpartisan Section: Local School District- Board Member Powell township 6 year TermPrecinct 1Precinct 2Total
Matthew S. Anderson239109 
Richard Baker202103 


Nonpartisan Section: Local School District- Board Member Powell township Partial Term Ending 12/31/2024Precinct 1Precinct 2Total
Kim Bourgeois278128 


Proposal 20-1:

A proposed Constitutional amendment to allow money from oil and gas mining on state-owned lands to  continue to be collected ins tate funds for land protection and creation and maintenance of parks, nature areas, and public recreation facilities; and to describe how money in those state funds can be spent

Precinct 1Precinct 2Total


Proposal 20-2:

A proposed constitutional amendment to require a search warrant in order to access a person’s electronic data or electronic communications

Precinct 1Precinct 2Total

Polling Locations

Township Hall

Halfway Fire Hall


Powell Township Clerk

Samantha Morin

906-345-9345 X12


Powell Township Deputy Clerk

Leah Fraley

906-345-9345 X15