Emergency Management is a division mandated by the Federal Govt. for all state governments, no matter the size. In an area such as Powell Township, with just under 700 in populations, and as independent as we are, Emergency Management has never had to be more than a liaison to the Marquette Emergency Mgmt during a crisis, and our crisis has been few. Nonetheless, our new Emergency Management Coordinator, Kim Bourgeois, will be continuing the previous Emergency Management coordinator’s work and be completing ongoing training to meet the needs of Powell Twp residents, should the need arise.




A hot meal is delivered to seniors who are homebound and are unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. Suggested donation: $3.50 per meal

In addition to providing healthy and well-balanced meals, the meal deliverers also provide an important service by checking on the homebound seniors when they deliver the meals.



– Eligibility requirements for Home Delivered Meals include:

– You or your spouse must be 60 years of age of older.

– You must be homebound and cannot leave your home without assistance.

-You are unable to prepare meals and you have no one nearby to prepare your meals.

Call 228-6522 ext 302 for more information or to see if you or someone you care about qualifies.



The suggested per meal donation is $3.50 for each Congregate or Home Delivered Meal, but no one is ever denied service due to their inability to donate. Family members are also encouraged to donate on behalf of their loved ones. Since federal and state funding does not cover the full cost to operate the Senior Meal Programs, the generosity of program participants and their families is crucial. Without these donations CAAM would not be able to serve every senior in need of Congregate or Home Delivered Meals.

Community Action Alger-Marquette Senior Meals Programs serve close to 100,000 meals a year to seniors in Alger and Marquette Counties, helping those seniors live longer, healthier and more enjoyable lives. Volunteers are needed in a variety of ways to continue providing these important meals. If you wish to learn more call our office for more information.


For local info call:

Kim Bourgeois, Powell Township Emergency Manager, 362-7275

Gene Champagne, Meals on Wheels Driver, 250-2140

Powell Township Food Bank

 Powell Township Food Bank is now available at the Bill Dionne Fire Station & Park at the Halfway (SW Corner of County Road 550 and KCI). The hall will be open every other Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm for anyone in need of food. Dates through the end of 2023 are: Oct. 25, Nov. 8, Nov. 22, Dec. 6, Dec. 20

Food bank was created by Powell Township Emergency Management Department and includes non-perishable food, paper goods, and cleaning supplies.  These items are available free to anyone in need.  No documents needed. No questions asked. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Bourgeois at (906) 362-7275 or the Powell Township Office at (906) 345-9345.

If you are unable to get to the township hall for items, arrangements can be made for delivery within the township.

posted 10/26/2023

Powell Township Power Outage Information:

Anyone affected by the power outage who needs assistance or would like to use the Powell Township Fire/EMS Hall for showering, water, cooking, etc. please contact Kim Bourgeois- Powell Township Emergency Manager at 906-362-7275.

Resolution on Adopting the National Incident Management System in Powell Township, Michigan

The Resolution has been signed 5/18/2021 and is available to {view}

posted 5/27/2021, EWaite, Deputy Clerk

Go to https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/  for Michigan COVID updates


Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (05/18/2021)

Indoor face mask requirement.

  1. Except as specified in following section, all persons participating in indoor gatherings are required to wear a face mask.
  2. A person responsible for an establishment, or an agent of such person, must prohibit gatherings of any kind at their establishment unless the person makes a good faith effort to ensure that all persons at their establishment (including employees) comply with section 6(a). For purposes of this section, a “good faith effort” may include any of the following: posting a sign notifying people that wearing a mask is required unless a person falls into a specified exception; asking patrons not wearing masks whether they fall into a specified exception; requiring face masks of all patrons and employees; or any other policy designed to ensure compliance with section 6(a)

Exceptions to face mask requirement. The requirement to wear a face mask at indoor gatherings does not apply to individuals who:

  1. Are fully vaccinated persons;
  2. Are younger than 2 years old;
  3. Cannot medically tolerate a face mask;
  4. Are eating or drinking while seated in a designated area or at a private residence;
  5. Are swimming;
  6. Are receiving a medical or personal care service for which removal of the face mask is necessary;
  7. Are asked to temporarily remove a face mask for identification purposes;
  8. Are communicating with someone who is deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing and whose ability to see the mouth is essential to communication;
  9. Are actively engaged in a public safety role, including but not limited to law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel, and where wearing a face mask would seriously interfere in the performance of their public safety responsibilities;
  10. Are engaging in a religious service;
  11. Are giving a speech for broadcast or to an audience, provided that the audience is at least 12 feet away from the speaker; or
  12. Are engaging in an activity that requires removal of a mask not listed in another part of this section, and are in a facility that provides ventilation that meets or exceeds 60 ft3/min of outdoor airflow per person.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (04/12/2021)

MDHHS reinstates 14-day quarantine after spring break COVID-19 exposure; ‘strongly recommends’ pause for certain activities.

At a press conference Friday April 9th, Gov. Whitmer also announced MDHHS recommendations for a two-week “pause” to certain activities during the current surge, including in-person learning for high schools, for youth sports, and in-person restaurant dining. Townships with youth parks and recreation sports programs may also wish to consider pausing these activities during this time. Note that these are recommendations, and not required as part of a pandemic order. Temporary authorization of remote participation in public meetings and hearings and temporary relief from monthly meeting requirements for school boards

Virtual Meetings encouraged

Under Public Act 254 of 2020, from March 31 through the end of the year, townships and other local governments can continue to meet virtually in areas where they have declared a local state of emergency (SOEs).  Face Masks are required and when applicable, a 25-person gathering limit is in place for public meetings, social distancing and mask requirements will apply until further notice.

posted 4/12/2021, EWaite, Deputy Clerk

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (03/04/2021)

Townships can begin holding in-person public meetings beginning March 5th, 2021

Under a revised Michigan Department of Health and Human Services pandemic order, townships can begin holding in-person public meetings beginning March 5th, 2021.  Under the order, which loosens both residential and nonresidential gathering restrictions, Indoor meetings must be limited to NO MORE than 25 individuals.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED at all times (unless eating or drinking), as well as social distancing.  Outdoor nonresidential gatherings may have up to 300 people.  

Powell Township will continue hosting meetings virtually, in addition to the in-person new guidelines.  

Please follow the virtual instructions in the special posting for the meeting that you would like to listen and/or join.


Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (1/14/2021)

Meetings must be held virtual until February 1st. Public is not allowed at meeting place. See the event schedule and special posts for online access.

Check out the MDHHS website for vaccine if interested also see the following link for the preliminary timeline 

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (11/17/2020)

Township Hall and Offices

With recent governor rules, the township offices are remaining open for the public during the regular business hours. We still encourage everyone to utilize the website, call or email the office, and drop off payments in drop box with written requests for receipt to be mailed back to you.

Meetings are to be limited to ten people in person at the Hall and that is including the three board members that must be in attendance. We have been working on getting the sound improvement for meetings to be heard online for people who call in the regular meetings. Watch out for notices of meetings being cancelled. 


Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (10/12/2020)

Halloween Trick-or-Treating during COVID

The Powell Township Board is not supporting and would like to discourage the Halloween Trick-or-Treating 2020. With recent increase in numbers of people getting sick, we want the community to be safe.

However, we understand there are some that will still want to have Trick-or-Treating. It is strongly encouraged that we keep social distance, wear gloves while distributing, wipe down candy before handing out, parents wipe down candy at home, and please wear masks.

Look for creative ways for candy delivery online. Find ways to show you are a “trick-or-treat” safe and ready.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (08/11/2020)

Township Meetings: At this time Powell Township, will continue to have the option to join electronically. If the public attends, distance must be followed and masks are required by Township. Also with recent restrictions 10 people max in the hall.

Township Offices: The Offices will be continue to be open during regular business hours. We ask that residents stay behind the guards and respectfully wear masks when entering the building. Please be aware of residents already being helped and remain 6 feet apart (that might mean waiting outside the door). We are only allowing ten people in the structure. Hand Sanitizer is available. We also ask that residents continue to utilize the locked drop box for payments, Absent Voter Applications and Ballots, and written requests. Please continue to contact us after hours and offsite by email, phone calls or mail. 

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (06/05/2020)

Township Meetings: Open Meetings Reform Order is still in effect till June 30th that meetings can be done virtually. The Powell Township Meeting for June 16th will still be held virtually as well as the public may attend the meeting. If the public attends, distance must be followed and masks are required by Township. Because the Halfway Fire Hall can not support distance requirements the June 2020 Meeting that is usually held in that location will be changed to the Township Hall.

Committee Meetings: With the Michigan Governor rescinding the stay at home order for the Upper Peninsula, some Committee Meetings are returning to their regularly scheduled meetings and locations following the said guidelines. The public is welcome for these meetings. If it will be virtual it will be posted on the website in their page

Township Offices: The Offices will be open again during regular business hours starting June 8th, 2020. We ask that residents stay behind the guards and respectfully wear masks when entering the building. Please be aware of residents already being helped and remain 6 feet apart (that might mean waiting outside the door). Hand Sanitizer is available. We also ask that residents continue to utilize the locked drop box for payments, Absent Voter Applications and Ballots, and written requests. Please continue to contact us after hours and offsite by email, phone calls or mail. 

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (05/21/2020)

Fourth of July Events and Fire on the Bay Cancellation

With a heavy heart the Powell Township Board has cancelled the Fourth of July Celebrations including;

Softball Tournaments

Ice Cream and Games


And July 11th, 2020 Fire On the Bay

These events are cancelled due to large events being cancelled in surrounding areas to protect volunteers and the public from the pandemic. Please continue to be safe with personal celebrations.

Thank you everyone for donations. It is the hope that next year we can have bigger and better fireworks.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (05/14/2020)

EO 2020-48 (Rescission of EO 2020-15)—In effect through May 13, the order temporarily changes the Open Meetings Act (OMA) to allow public bodies to conduct their meetings electronically, while also facilitating public participation. Township boards and commissions subject to OMA can use conference call or video conferencing to continue meeting and conducting business during the coronavirus crisis. On May 7th, Executive Order 2020-75 extends the previous order allowing public bodies to conduct remote public meetings during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. The new order expires on June 30, 2020. To join the meetings see the information in the events calendar or on the Special Notices page

At the 05/12/2020 Parks and Recreation has cancelled the Summer Concert Series.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (05/05/2020)

A temporary small food bank is available in Big Bay, for those in need. Please contact Kim Bourgeois if you need food items, or know someone who does, for more information. 

Handmade fabric face masks are also available free of charge, by contacting Kim Bourgeois, Powell Township Emergency Manager 

Memorial Day Service for May 25th, 2020 has been cancelled. Cemetery is still open for public. Keep up social distancing of 6 feet when in the area.

Parks and Rec. Music in the Park June 2020 event has been cancelled.

Fourth of July celebrations are on the agenda for May 19th 2020

August 2020 Election Absent Voter Applications are being mailed by the Clerk. If interested in Absent Voter Voting please contact the Clerk or Deputy Clerk.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (04/09/2020)

Powell Township is responding to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic with a number of precautions as recommended by federal and state officials to help prevent the spread of the virus and protect our employees and residents  Our EMS and Fire Dept. are in contact with state and federal authorities and taking all recommended precautions to make sure we are prepared for any outbreaks in the area. 

Kim Bourgeois, Emergency Manager, and other township staff receive daily updates from state authorities and are in direct contact with the County Emergency Manager, Theresa Swahlback, and will keep Powell Township residents updated on any new information.

Some non-essential committee meetings are cancelled while others are taking steps to open the meetings by conference call or video chat

The Powell Township Transfer Station will remain open during its regular winter hours and as of today do not expect any changes. At this time the sanitation worker will only be taking garbage out of vehicles if assistance is requested. If you are able, please take your garbage out of your vehicle. 

Powell Township offices are closed to the public for non-essential issues but will remain staffed during regular hours for email or phone contact. 

In person by appointment only. 

We encourage drop box or mail payments. 

The Powell Township Water Department will not be preforming any indoor water services except for emergencies. 


Abiding with the current state of emergency requirements and recommendations,  Powell Township School, Thunder Bay Inn, Lumberjack Tavern, Hungry Hollow Café, Big Bay Presbyterian Church, and St. Mary’s Church are all temporarily closed.

The Big Bay Post Office remains open with regular hours and as of today do not expect any changes.

Crams General Store, including the laundromat, is open with regular hours and as of today is not expecting any changes.

Please pay attention to all the hand washing and human contact recommendations so that we can keep Powell Township COVID-19 free!! 

If you are need of assistance with getting essential medications or other supplies, or have any questions  please call Kim Bourgeois at 362-7275.  

The following websites provide good information about symptoms, prevention and the latest cases.

Center for Disease Control     https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus

State of Michigan    https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus

Marquette County Emergency Management Facebook Page