Emergency Management is a division mandated by the Federal Govt. for all state governments, no matter the size. In an area such as Powell Township, with just under 700 in populations, and as independent as we are, Emergency Management has never had to be more than a liaison to the Marquette Emergency Mgmt during a crisis, and our crisis has been few. Nonetheless, our new Emergency Management Coordinator, Kim Bourgeois, will be continuing the previous Emergency Management coordinator’s work and be completing ongoing training to meet the needs of Powell Twp residents, should the need arise.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (05/21/2020)

Fourth of July Events and Fire on the Bay Cancellation

With a heavy heart the Powell Township Board has cancelled the Fourth of July Celebrations including;

Softball Tournaments

Ice Cream and Games


And July 11th, 2020 Fire On the Bay

These events are cancelled due to large events being cancelled in surrounding areas to protect volunteers and the public from the pandemic. Please continue to be safe with personal celebrations.

Thank you everyone for donations. It is the hope that next year we can have bigger and better fireworks.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (05/14/2020)

EO 2020-48 (Rescission of EO 2020-15)—In effect through May 13, the order temporarily changes the Open Meetings Act (OMA) to allow public bodies to conduct their meetings electronically, while also facilitating public participation. Township boards and commissions subject to OMA can use conference call or video conferencing to continue meeting and conducting business during the coronavirus crisis. On May 7th, Executive Order 2020-75 extends the previous order allowing public bodies to conduct remote public meetings during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. The new order expires on June 30, 2020. To join the meetings see the information in the events calendar or on the Special Notices page

At the 05/12/2020 Parks and Recreation has cancelled the Summer Concert Series.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (05/05/2020)

A temporary small food bank is available in Big Bay, for those in need. Please contact Kim Bourgeois if you need food items, or know someone who does, for more information. 

Handmade fabric face masks are also available free of charge, by contacting Kim Bourgeois, Powell Township Emergency Manager 

Memorial Day Service for May 25th, 2020 has been cancelled. Cemetery is still open for public. Keep up social distancing of 6 feet when in the area.

Parks and Rec. Music in the Park June 2020 event has been cancelled.

Fourth of July celebrations are on the agenda for May 19th 2020

August 2020 Election Absent Voter Applications are being mailed by the Clerk. If interested in Absent Voter Voting please contact the Clerk or Deputy Clerk.

Updated Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Powell Township (04/09/2020)

Powell Township is responding to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic with a number of precautions as recommended by federal and state officials to help prevent the spread of the virus and protect our employees and residents  Our EMS and Fire Dept. are in contact with state and federal authorities and taking all recommended precautions to make sure we are prepared for any outbreaks in the area. 

Kim Bourgeois, Emergency Manager, and other township staff receive daily updates from state authorities and are in direct contact with the County Emergency Manager, Theresa Swahlback, and will keep Powell Township residents updated on any new information.

Some non-essential committee meetings are cancelled while others are taking steps to open the meetings by conference call or video chat

The Powell Township Transfer Station will remain open during its regular winter hours and as of today do not expect any changes. At this time the sanitation worker will only be taking garbage out of vehicles if assistance is requested. If you are able, please take your garbage out of your vehicle. 

Powell Township offices are closed to the public for non-essential issues but will remain staffed during regular hours for email or phone contact. 

In person by appointment only. 

We encourage drop box or mail payments. 

The Powell Township Water Department will not be preforming any indoor water services except for emergencies. 


Abiding with the current state of emergency requirements and recommendations,  Powell Township School, Thunder Bay Inn, Lumberjack Tavern, Hungry Hollow Café, Big Bay Presbyterian Church, and St. Mary’s Church are all temporarily closed.

The Big Bay Post Office remains open with regular hours and as of today do not expect any changes.

Crams General Store, including the laundromat, is open with regular hours and as of today is not expecting any changes.

Please pay attention to all the hand washing and human contact recommendations so that we can keep Powell Township COVID-19 free!! 

If you are need of assistance with getting essential medications or other supplies, or have any questions  please call Kim Bourgeois at 362-7275.  

The following websites provide good information about symptoms, prevention and the latest cases.

Center for Disease Control     https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus

State of Michigan    https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus

Marquette County Emergency Management Facebook Page  


Powell Township Power Outage Information:

Anyone affected by the power outage who needs assistance or would like to use the Powell Township Fire/EMS Hall for showering, water, cooking, etc. please contact Kim Bourgeois- Powell Township Emergency Manager at 906-362-7275.