Powell Township Winter 2019 Newsletter

There is much going on in Powell Township. Our different committees are working on creating an environment safe and thriving for our township in various ways. Please be on the lookout for notices and information at the multiple Township Boards locations and on the website. There is an email account bigbayinformation@gmail.com that has been created in the hopes of continuing the mission of communicating information to our community. Follow Big Bay Information on Facebook.

The water project, while the main work is completed, there are a few jobs left to finish like correcting the road that goes to the new pump house. The driveway construction is open to bids and will fall under the grant. The Powell Township Board selected contractors for the two bids that were open. One for the new well and the access road to the pump house. Some of the construction was completed before winter set in but some is halted till the spring.

For 2020 there will be a March, August and November elections. Election Inspectors are needed. Mileage to training is covered but only time scheduled at the polls is paid. Anyone can be an election inspector and certification is for two years. It’s a great way to visit with many in the community and to be a part of the voting process. If interested you may also wish to serve in neighboring communities. Contact the Clerk or Deputy clerk if interested in signing up to become an election inspector. 

The Presidential Primary Election on March 10, 2020 will be combined polling locations for precinct 1 and precinct 2 at the Township Hall

As of June 2019, there is a website link posted to the Treasurer’s and the Powell Township home page for the public to follow for tax and assessing information. One must create an account that residents and owners can see their property information for free, but for others to view properties there is a fee. With our limited office hours, we encourage the community to look at their information at this website. We are hoping to be further connected with more information and electronic/credit card payments at a later date.

We are glad the community is taking an interest in recycling. glass is still not permitted in the process of recycling at the Powell Township Transfer Station. The Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority is working on the funding and implementation of the single-use recycling program. With the new implementation as well as other reasons, the Fees for Hauling and Tipping have increased for Powell Township. If interested in further information about the hazardous waste schedule, recycling, or news about the authority, please see the bulletin board inside the Township Office or refer to mcswma.com

The Planning Commission is working on the Master Plan. We thank the community for returning the survey’s. 

We have an acting Fire Chief appointment of Brian Roelle, after the resignation of the previous fire chief. Brian has been a part of the Fire Department for years and was the assistant chief during Mike Thoma and Suzette Stephenson’s time as Fire Chief. He is a qualified individual who is working with the township board to bring about healthy changes in the fire department that will create a more in sync department. The Fire Department is looking for new volunteers for the Fire Department. Contact the acting fire chief, Brian Roelle at firechief@powelltownship.org if wanting more information about becoming a trained Powell Township Fire Fighter

Contact the Ambulance Coordinator, Dave Carey, at ambcoord@powelltownship.org if interested in becoming an EMS trained volunteer. It’s an invaluable training that could not only better the community but yourself.

Again we would like to remind the community that Powell Township ordinances/codes promote safe, healthy, and a high-quality place to reside. As a member of the community we seek your cooperation in familiarizing yourself with ordinance and zoning permits required in the township. We will be having a new Zoning Administrator that can be contacted still at zoningadmin@powelltownship.org or extension 10 at the Powell Township Offices. Recent Ordinance was passed for the Feeding of the Wildlife (in town of Big Bay). This ordinance is to address the domesticated rabbits that were set loose in the community. While for some they are cute and pets, but because they are loose in the town, they are a health and property destruction concern for others. Concerns about other wildlife like skunks, coyotes, foxes, etc. that either would come for the food that was being fed to the rabbits or to tragically hunt the rabbits were also brought to the attention of the board. Please read the ordinance also located on our website for further information. 

Parks and Recreation was busy this last Summer and fall. The Big Bay Summer Concert Series was a big hit for 2019. Upcoming events are the Tree Lighting in December and then in April the Egg Hunt. Volunteers are needed for Parks and Recreations Events. If interested in getting involved with these or any Parks and Rec events or projects, please contact Jill Bevins, Volunteer Coordinator, at jillmbevins@gmail.com. Parks and Recreation are also working on the Powell Township Recreational Trail Network. We were awarded a grant for the purpose of connecting trails and creating motorized and non-motorized trails in the area for all to enjoy our nature.

FIRE ON THE BAY 2020 is on the horizon. Spectator areas will be on the public beach and harbor area. Donations can be sent to Fire on the Bay PO Box 38, Big Bay 49808. Checks should be made payable to Powell Township Government, mark Fire on the Bay in the memo section. Every dollar helps us buy more fireworks for a better spectacular show. Due to the large crowds, the beach turn-around will be blocked off to motorized vehicles. Our local fire and ambulance department will be present as well as the Marquette county Sheriff’s Department, so don’t forget to say hello.

The Township Board has monthly meetings and we want to encourage all our residents to attend Board meetings. Meetings are held at the third Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the Township Hall. In June and October the meetings are held at the Halfway Fire Hall location. Check our website www.powelltownship.org or the bulletin boards for any changes in meeting dates and times.

Interested in your Township? Volunteers to serve on the Planning commission, Board of Review and Parks and Recreation committee are needed. Don’t want to serve on a committee but are willing help? Volunteers are always needed to help at events like the tree lighting, balls games, landscaping at Burns Landing and more. Stop by the Township and fill out an application. Have questions? Stop in and talk to the supervisor or call 906-345-9345 ext 14 Monday or Thursday 9 am to Noon.

Follow Big Bay Information and the Big Bay Pathway pages for more information and events

Thank you

It’s time to get REAL
A message from Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

Your Michigan driver’s license or identification card may not get you through airport security later this year.

Oct. 1 is when the federal government will fully enforce the post-9/11 REAL ID Act, and standard state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards will no longer be accepted to board domestic flights within the United States, or when entering certain federal facilities, such as military bases or nuclear power plants.

Many people already have a REAL ID document, such as a valid U.S. passport, a DHS Trusted Traveler Card or an Enhanced Driver’s License. A full list of acceptable REAL ID documents is available at TSA.gov. Those who don’t can make their Michigan license or identification REAL ID-compliant by visiting a Secretary of State branch office and presenting the required documents. And, if you make an appointment, you’ll be in and out in 30 minutes or less.

Here’s what you need to do to get a REAL ID:

  • To schedule an appointment at one of our branch offices visit gov/SOSAppointments or calling 888-SOS-MICH. You can make your appointment at any branch in the state, and you don’t need to have a renewal mailer to do so. Some branches fill up fast, so book your appointment a few weeks in advance of when plan to travel. Your REAL ID license or state ID card will be mailed to you.
  • Bring your driver’s license or state identification card.
  • Bring your certified birth certificate, with a raised seal or stamp issued by a governmental agency; your valid, unexpired U.S. passport; or an approved citizenship or legal presence document. (Faxes and photocopies won’t be accepted.)
  • If your name differs from what is on your birth certificate, bring certified documents for every time your name has changed, such as marriage licenses or court orders.

There’s no additional fee to turn a license or state ID card into a standard REAL ID if it’s done during your normal renewal time; otherwise a duplicate card fee of $9 or $10 will be charged.

For more information, visit Michigan.gov/RealID.